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RHTLaw Asia launches Environment, Social & Governance (ESG) Practice

Over the years, RHT has pursued its own environment, social and governance (“ESG”) agenda in line with our belief that businesses can do well and do good at the same time.

Our philanthropic organisation, RHT Rajan Menon Foundation, is a longstanding supporter of environmental causes and has recently launched a social enterprise, RHT G.R.A.C.E. Institute, which promotes an organisational culture anchored on ESG principles.

Under the Singapore Green Plan 2030, new and existing sustainability initiatives have come together as a whole-of-nation movement to advance Singapore’s national agenda on sustainable development.

The multi-ministerial effort reflects the reality that ESG matters have an impact across all segments of our economy. This is true overseas as well, where regulators, investors, customers and other stakeholders are increasingly focused on ESG standards, presenting businesses with new opportunities and risks in an evolving landscape.

RHTLaw Asia’s newly launched ESG practice aims to equip clients with the right advice and knowledge to navigate ESG considerations and regulatory requirements as well as compete in Singapore’s Green Economy. Partners Azman JaafarYang Eu JinPiyush GuptaKaylee Kwok and Tan Chong Huat bring their deep expertise across industries to the new practice.

Across the RHT network, our ESG practice will be complemented by the specialist services provided by consultants Alphonsus Chia, Jayaprakash Jagateesan, Philip Lim and Tan Bee Lay. Both Philip and Bee Lay bring extensive experience in management and sustainability matters both locally and internationally.

We are on a clear path towards a greener economy and businesses which do not recognise the importance of ESG standards will be left out. We look forward to supporting our clients on their green growth journey.

Azman Jaafar
Managing Partner, RHTLaw Asia LLP
Chairman, ASEAN Plus Group

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