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We enable key industry players to overcome anti-trust hurdles amidst Singapore's robust competition laws and regulatory framework.

As one of the more robust markets in Asia, Singapore is largely interested in creating a regulatory framework which promotes undistorted and fair competition amongst companies in various industries. Such regulatory framework can give rise to complex regulatory issues, which businesses need to overcome to ensure achievement of commercial objectives.

At RHTLaw Asia, we support key players in industries, such as telecommunications, healthcare, as well as consumer goods and retail with general competition law advice and compliance concerning notification of mergers and anti-competitive agreements and conduct with the Competition and Consumer Commission of Singapore (“CCCS”). Armed with industry and commercial insights as the basis for application of competition law principles, RHTLaw Asia’s Competition and Antitrust team helps businesses to resolve complex anti-trust regulatory issues.

We advise on anti-trust and competition issues concerning commercial arrangements, such as matters on licensing, discount schemes, loyalty and similar marketing programs, and pricing.
We review mergers, acquisitions, and joint ventures to assess the impact of share or asset transfers on business structures to advise on the need for merger notification. From preparation of documentation for merger notification to liaising and negotiating with competition and industry authorities, we help expedite the filing process to address any anti-trust risks which may arise from an M&A transaction.
We provide guidance on agreements and conduct, especially amongst industry verticals, and assist in notifications and requests for guidance from competition authorities on various agreements and conduct, including cooperative agreements between industry verticals and competitors. Our approach makes use of an analysis of current industry practices to identifying conduct and arrangements, to avoid unnecessary regulatory scrutiny.

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