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US-China Decoupling: Strategic and Legal Challenges

Beyond the trade war which has been ongoing for years, the US and China are both seeking a level of decoupling, for different reasons. Unfortunately, the effects of the decoupling are not limited to these two countries due to the interdependence of the world economy (as evidenced by the COVID-19 pandemic).

Thus, navigating this rapidly evolving reality is both complicated and distressing for any business with a nexus to either country. Companies must analyse and monitor increasingly complex regulations in order to understand their current and potential effects, think through new approaches to growth and determine what investments they need to balance potential short-term shocks and the building of a long-term, geopolitically resilient business mix.

Our speakers, Erwan Barre, Partner (Foreign Lawyer) and Co-Head of Corporate & Capital Markets Practice, and Amanda Chen, Partner (Foreign Lawyer) and Head of International China Practice, discussed the US-China decoupling and subsequent strategic and legal challenges businesses face.

They also took a deep dive into its impact for European and Southeast Asian companies and discussed the best approach to navigate these ever-evolving regulations and how to minimise the commercial impact on businesses.

“Although we’ll unlikely see a full decoupling, companies should continue to stay vigilant and to keep watch on a myriad of US, China and EU regulations which evolve at full speed and often contradict each other,” said Erwan.

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