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Webinar: Cryptocurrency Conundrums – The Curious Case of Quoine Pte Ltd v B2C2 Ltd

Event Highlights

Cryptocurrency Conundrums:

  • The curious case of Quoine Pte Ltd v B2C2 Ltd – dealing with computerised trading “mistakes”
  • Cryptocurrency Trading – operational, compliance and technology considerations
  • Cryptocurrency Exchanges – maintaining integrity and debugging issues

Join us for this interesting webinar with:

  • Ms Ch’ng Li-Ling, Head, Financial Services (Regulatory) Practice, RHT Law Asia LLP
  • Ms Ina MacKinnon, Consultant, RHT Compliance Solutions
  • Mr Tony Yeow, Associate Director, RHT Compliance Solutions
  • Mr Abbas Roda, Co-founder and Director, Coinhub

Case Analysis

  • Hear our legal analysis of the landmark case in Singapore involving a cryptocurrency exchange and its customer
  • Understand the difference between express and implied contractual terms for trading on cryptocurrency exchanges
  • Learn about right of an exchange to unilaterally cancel and reverse cryptocurrency trades
  • Learn how the concept of unilateral mistake applies to contracts made by computerised trading systems

Cryptocurrency Exchange

  • Hear first-hand experience from a cryptocurrency exchange operator –  what are the considerations exchanges must undertake to maintain integrity
  • Hear the first-hand experience with a situation similar to Quoine v. B2C2, and the outcome
  • How to debug issues with third parties

Cryptocurrency Trading

  • Learn what are the potential benefits and risks of first generation of virtual currencies, looking ahead to the next generation, stablecoins
  • Learn basics of cryptocurrency trading and exchange landscape: operational considerations associated with technology that aggregates the orders and prices on various exchanges into a single order book – the arbitrage possibilities
  • Be introduced to the Global Digital Finance (GDF) Code of Conduct’ overreaching principle

The programme will include a panel discussion cum Q&A for the audience to engage with the speakers. 

You will hear from our panel of speakers:

Ch’ng Li-Ling
RHTLaw Asia
Ch’ng Li-Ling is one of the founding members of RHTLaw Asia and heads the Financial Services (Regulatory) Practice. Her areas of practice include corporate and securities laws, capital markets, mergers and acquisitions, securities and financial services regulatory compliance, and corporate governance. She advises financial institutions, FinTech firms and investors on acquisitions and capital-raising, on MAS licensing and regulatory requirements for capital markets services providers, operators of organised markets and payment services providers on digital token issuances and the establishment of digital assets exchanges and e-payments platforms.
Ina Mackinnon
RHT Compliance Solutions
Ina Mackinnon is a practitioner with a holistic approach to Compliance. She specialises in Compliance Services that involve multi-jurisdictional regulatory obligations, compliance with relevant global standards, ensuring practise of relevant Code of Conduct, accountability, risk monitoring, mitigation and compliance plans implementations. On the area of RegTech, she brings awareness of industry trends and technological advancements, introduces innovative approaches to operational challenges, in line with FI business model and regulatory mandate, setting new and adding value to existing Compliance Framework.
Tony Yeow
Associate Director
RHT Compliance Solutions
Tony Yeow has over 15 years of experience in Compliance, Operational Risk, Investigation and Intelligence with major international banks. He is a dedicated financial services compliance solutions provider who has serves clients from Singapore and the region. He provides compliance, governance and risk solutions to a broad range of clients such as regulators, markets, payment system providers, banks, investment banks, broker-dealers, commodities firms, fund managers, financial advisers, trust companies, FinTech companies and corporates.
Abbas Roda
Co-founder and Director, Coinhub
Abbas Roda has been involved in the cryptocurrency space since 2013. Having established a cryptocurrency exchange, he has gone on to become an advisor for various projects in this space and continues to establish new lines of businesses and solutions in the FinTech industry.

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