Past Events

French Chamber Singapore: Smarthealth Summit 2023

The annual Smarthealth Summit will delve into the critical issues of healthcare sovereignty, protectionism, and healthy ageing in Southeast Asia (SEA).

In recent years, the notion of healthcare sovereignty has gained prominence, reflecting the desire of countries to ensure self-sufficiency in providing quality healthcare to their citizens. At the same time, protectionist policies have emerged, intended to safeguard local healthcare industries and protect them from external competition. Against this backdrop, the event will explore the multifaceted implications of these trends on healthcare systems, regional collaboration, and the overall well-being of populations in SEA.

This summit will also examine the implications of aging on healthcare, including the increased demand for healthcare services and the potential for new technologies and innovations to address the needs of an aging population.

Throughout the event, attendees will have the opportunity to engage in lively discussions and network with experts from the healthcare industry as well as participate in B2B meetings with MNCs and start-ups. 

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