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The post-pandemic recovery puts ESG in the spotlight

Unravel, 6 July 2021: The post-pandemic recovery puts ESG in the spotlight

In this post-pandemic environment, more companies are embracing environmental, social and governance (ESG), as they realise how ESG considerations are gaining traction amongst investors, which can potentially result to higher valuation and access to capital. Beyond a focus on environment, there is also a greater emphasis on social and governance components of ESG, especially in emerging markets. In these economies, more and more companies are realising the need to rethink their global corporate strategies to effectively manage their businesses. Hence the need for companies to proactively plan appropriate responses to events, which can emerge and threaten future operations.

Learn more about why ESG governance is no longer simply an option for businesses and how businesses need to rethink pre-pandemic corporate strategies and adjust them based on ESG considerations from this article by RHTLaw Asia Partner (Foreign Lawyer) Piyush Gupta.

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