What’s Next for ONERHT?

We are almost two years into a pandemic which has brought about unprecedented ramifications around the globe. Throughout this time, we kept asking ourselves, “what’s next and what’s next for ONERHT?”

ONERHT was birthed a decade ago, by the convictions of our founding members that to serve clients effectively, professional services including legal and other services must combine and leverage on technology to offer solutions which meet their needs.

What’s the next big thing after the Internet? It’s blockchain and its use has skyrocketed this year, be it through the rise of NFTs or the surge in digital assets and cryptocurrencies. We have made significant investments to develop blockchain-powered marketplaces for carbon credits, digital assets and NFTs, placing us at the forefront of offering digital solutions that will help clients unlock value. We have also transformed our traditional corporate finance services to offer digital finance solutions.

What’s next for events and education? We now have a virtual technology platform and the capability to broadcast live from multiple studios. [This message was recorded at the RHT-Rhodium studio.] The new normal requires new skills and we have changed the way we deliver professional contents. We have also put together a team of legal legends to offer legal courses amidst the evolution of legal practice. We have also embraced blockchain certification and verification technology.

What’s the next global emergency to hit us? It’s climate change. We have responded to the call for greater climate action with a plan to achieve net zero by 2030 and set up a sustainability consultancy to help clients in their own green transition. We are among the first home-grown firms to make a net zero commitment, appoint a Chief Sustainability Officer, launch an ESG practice and publish a voluntary sustainability report. Since 2016, we have placed sustainability as a foremost priority in our corporate social responsibility program by inter alia, establishing a major advocacy forum annually together with a series of sustainable development projects in Southeast Asia. These efforts reflect our aspiration to achieve purposeful growth.

What’s next for ONERHT? We have been relentlessly working on our own transformation to become a future-ready multidisciplinary professional services group in Asia. Our consultancy group will develop an accelerator platform and expert network, and leverage on data analytics and AI to increase our capabilities. Most of our subsidiaries and investee companies have done well and are now firmly established in their own rights. Our ecosystem of expertise and extensive experience enables us to deliver integrated solutions for clients as we go to market as ONERHT and ONE across Asia through our ASEAN+ network. Our Foundation will continue to support the four causes of education, environment, disadvantaged groups, and sports and the arts by creating innovative and meaningful initiatives and programmes.

2022 will be an exciting year where our ONERHT vision will become clear as the ONERHT ecosystem takes shape and as we strive to meet clients’ needs by offering effective and innovative integrated solutions in Asia.

Thank you for your continued support, we wish you a blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Tan Chong Huat