Partner and Head of Consumer Brands, Rizwi Wun was interviewed on data portability on Channel News Asia and Channel 5

RHTLaw Taylor Wessing Partner and Head of Consumer Brands, Rizwi Wun was featured on Channel News Asia’s Singapore Tonight and Channel 5’s News 5.

He shared his views on data portability following Minister for Communications and Information S. Iswaran’s announcement that Singapore is issuing a discussion paper on data portability.


Channel News Asia, 25 February 2019: Singapore plans data portability requirement as part of PDPA update [ ~ 1:35]

Channel 5, 25 February 2019: News 5 9pm [Skip to 13:00]

Rizwi suggested that absolute transparency is necessary for data portability to work.

“The data controller, or the party controlling the data, has to make sure that the consumer is comfortable and is aware of all the different possibilities and scenarios for which the data is used,” he said.

“The collector of the data should manage and control the entire data flow process from the point of collection – notification of purpose in sufficient detail, to the final destination where the data is finally stored and used,” he added.