July 11, 2011

RHT Law Movie Night for staff, families and friends

RHT Law will be organising its annual Movie Night at Golden Village Marina on 14th July 2011, the opening night of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2. Staff, families and friends of the firm are invited to participate in the 'Be Potter-ised' photo contest which will have a Halloween-in-July effect, with wizard hats and wands expected to make their appearance in a bid to win 5 pairs of GV movie tickets. RHT Law will also present the pledge book in support of Saferoads.sg during the movie night. The nationwide campaign promotes road safety in Singapore, and is organised by Automobile Association Singapore, Singapore Road Safety Council and People's Association, and is supported by the Traffic Police.
June 27, 2011

S-chips accounting irregularities a problem to worldwide Exchanges

Partner Lin Song from RHT Law’s China Practice provided comment on the recent concern from regulators worldwide regarding accounting irregularities surrounding S-chips listed on various exchanges. He highlighted that companies in China are generally more focused on growth than corporate governance, and while there are laws in China against commercial crimes and fraud, enforcement is still not up to scratch as local governments tend to protect local businesses.
June 25, 2011

Promoting intellectual property laws to the general public

The Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS) is stepping up efforts to bring intellectual property (IP) closer to the people, through an integrated campaign optimising both online and offline activities to engage the general public. Partner Jonathan Kok from RHT Law’s Intellectual Property & Technology practice observed that there has been an increase in local companies having basic knowledge of IP law and the importance of protecting their own IP locally and overseas.
June 23, 2011

Companies Act’s review – Auditors concerns

The Ministry of Finance (MOF)’s proposed changes to the Companies Act includes deciding against a requirement for auditors to disclose to shareholders the reasons for their resignation due to concern over defamation, amongst others. Partner Lin Song from RHT Law’s China Practice shared that while it is possible that lawsuits against audit companies signing off on Chinese companies’ financial statements could happen in Singapore, it is difficult for investors to have a strong case if auditors followed internationally recognised standards but could not spot accounting irregularities due to management’s sophisticated fraud or collusion with banks