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Managing Partner, Tan Chong Huat, discusses lifelong learning in The Business Times’ weekly column, Views from the Top

RHTLaw Taylor Wessing’s Managing Partner, Tan Chong Huat was featured in The Business Times weekly column, Views from the Top, titled From scores to skills.

The article was first published in The Business Times on 15 October 2018.

From scores to skills

THIS WEEK’S TOPIC: What is essential in education to prepare the young for tomorrow’s world and encourage lifelong learning? How might this change the way employers evaluate prospective hires?

Source: The Business Times
Date: 15 October 2018

Tan Chong Huat
Managing Partner
RHTLaw Taylor Wessing LLP

I BELIEVE the sole purpose of education is to enrich one’s life through learning and acquiring new skills, knowledge, values and ethics. To achieve this on a massive scale, educators and policymakers need to work towards developing a learning environment which encourages students to seek fulfilment from learning new things, and not from achieving a certain test score.

Grades are measures that unwittingly blemish the learning experience and the fulfilment journey. As an employer, we look beyond grades to search for talents who demonstrate qualities that are not examinable – these include innovative thinking, resilience, tenacity and passion for lifelong learning. These are qualities that will strengthen any organisation to stay relevant and adapt to varying market conditions.

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