LUO Ling Ling


Ling Ling is a Partner of RHTLaw Asia. She has 11 years of experience in the legal industry.

Early into her legal career, Ling Ling conducted trials and appeals as lead counsel in court. She also represented clients in contentious interlocutory applications including seeking and defending applications for summary judgment, discovery, interrogatories, security for costs as well as enforcing judgments through applications for garnishee orders, examination of judgment debtors and bankruptcy proceedings.

During her engagement in the Singapore civil service (2013 – 2017), Ling Ling served in the Office of the Public Guardian, Ministry of Social and Family Development, as a Policy Advisor and later became Assistant Director, Legal.

In private practice, Ling Ling represented local and international clients in high value litigation cases. Other than securing Mareva Injunction orders for various clients, she has also successfully set aside a Mareva Injunction Order that was wrongfully obtained against a High Net Worth client (Suit 435 of 2019).

An area of her expertise is in construction claims under the Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act (SOPA). She acts for Developers, Employers, Main Contractors and Sub-contractors in both SOPA claims and defence work against wrongful SOPA claims. She has also argued in High Court applications to set aside Adjudication Determinations made against her clients. She has also advised clients on their arbitration claims in construction disputes. Her reported cases include: (1) Kingsford Construction Pte Ltd v A Deli Construction Pte Ltd – [2017] SGHC 174 and (2) Kwang Sing Engineering Pte Ltd v Sin Soon Lee Development Ltd – [2009] SGMC 1.

Ling Ling has acted for Stamford Land Corporation Ltd, a public listed company, and its directors in a High Court suit against a shareholder, who had made and published several defamatory statements against the company and its directors at the company’s annual general meetings, on Facebook post and in a letter to the newspaper. This high-profile case has been featured on Singapore’s Channel 5 news.

She has also represented over a hundred bikers on a notable National Environment Agency (NEA) case in which NEA made an announcement of a new policy which is expected to affect around 27,000 motorcycles including owners of unique classic motorcycles. This case was featured on The Sunday Times in 2018 for the representation action by motorcyclists who are affected by the ban on older motorcycles.
Other than civil and commercial cases, Ling Ling also enjoys working on complex criminal matters, with a focus on white collar crimes and capital offences. She represented a Director of Airocean in his trial and appeal for several offences under the Securities and Futures Act from 2008 to 2012. Her work secured a successful appeal for the client. She represented a man convicted of murdering a taxi driver in a robbery gone wrong, in his appeal against the death sentence in 2012. She also defended various drug traffickers and couriers in their trials and appeals. Notably, she was appointed Amicus Curiae by the High Court in the case of PP v Gunasilan (2017), to conduct cross-examination of the Prosecution’s witness in a capital offence. In PP v Alfian bin Abdul Rahim and another (2018), Ling Ling saved a man from the gallows after a full trial in a drug trafficking charge, while the other accused person in the same trial was sentenced to death. In Mohamed Affandi bin Rosli v PP (2019), she secured an acquittal for her client, who was earlier sentenced to death.

Below are some of the reported court cases that Ling Ling has handled:

  • PP v Alfian bin Abdul Rahim – [2018] SGHC 234
  • PP v Saridewi binte Djamani – [2018] SGHC 204
  • PP v Gunasilan – [2018] SGHC 170
  • PP v Abdul Rahim bin Shapiee – [2018] SGHC 82
  • UOI v UOJ – [2018] SGFC 77
  • Kingsford Construction Pte Ltd v A Deli Construction Pte Ltd – [2017] SGHC 174
  • Then Khek Koon and another v Arjun Permanand Samtani and another and other suits – [2014] 1 SLR 245
  • Then Khek Khoon and another v Arjun Permanand Samtani and another – [2012] 2 SLR 451
  • Wang Wenfeng v Public Prosecutor – [2012] 4 SLR 590
  • Madhavan Peter v Public Prosecutor and other appeals – [2012] 4 SLR 613
  • Public Prosecutor v Ng Kim Inn Mervin – [2011] SGDC 365
  • Lee Shieh-Peen Clement and another v Ho Chin Nguang and others – [2010] 3 SLR 807
  • Lee Shieh-Peen Clement and another v Ho Chin Nguang and others – [2010] 4 SLR 801
  • Gateway 21 Pte Ltd v Gateway 21 Consultants Pte Ltd (Formerly Known as Gateway 21 Business Consultants Pte Ltd) – [2010] SGDC 22
  • Kwang Sing Engineering Pte Ltd v Sin Soon Lee Development Ltd – [2009] SGMC 1

Ling Ling attained her Bachelor of Laws (Honours) from the National University of Singapore in 2007. In 2012, she was awarded a scholarship grant to pursue her postgraduate study in law at Singapore Management University where she secured a place in the Dean’s List.

Ling Ling is an accredited mediator and is also appointed to the Family Panel, an Expert Panel in the Singapore Mediation Centre. She is also accredited as a Level 2 Mediator by the Singapore International Mediation Institute. The Minister of the Ministry of Social and Family Development also appointed her as a Conciliation Officer on the Tribunal for the Maintenance of Parents (since 2016).

Active in pro-bono work, Ling Ling is appointed as the Lead Counsel on the Legal Aid Scheme for Capital Offences (LASCO) on 7 January 2019.

During her free time, Ling Ling would spend time writing and sharing her experience, and knowledge, and engaging people on various social media platforms such as Facebook etc. She hopes to raise public awareness of individuals’ rights and remedies through these channels, (including her pro bono services for the SMU Pro Bono Centre, LASCO and Legal Aid Bureau).

She was admitted as Advocate and Solicitor in Singapore (2008) and admitted as Attorney and Counselor in New York (2012).

  • “Ling Ling is diligent and professional in her work. She provided excellent service and was very patient in handling all my queries. She is also an empathetic listener who has good written and verbal communication skills. It was overall a very pleasant experience working with her!” – Private Client
  • “Thanks so much for the fast and efficient services from you and your team to help my family in our case.  We were glad that you and your team kept pursuing to follow up on the case and is able to close case in such short period of time which we thought will take a few months’ time.We have no worries of the case at all because we knew you and your team never stop trying your best to work on our case and we were really very glad and happy that we are always being kept up to date of the case through email or what’s app messages.It’s really a great honor to have you and your team representing us and we will not hesitate to recommend you and your team to anyone in need of legal aid.” – Private Client
  • “Very personal yet professional. Really went through all the details and advised me on the steps to take. You have definitely exceeded my expectations. Honestly, words wouldn’t do justice.” – Private Client
LUO Ling Ling Partner

LL.B (Hons) (Singapore); LL.M (Singapore); Advocate & Solicitor, Singapore (2008); Attorney and Counsellor, New York (2012)

Key Areas of Expertise: Corporate Crimes, Commercial Litigation; Family, Probate & Administration

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