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Former AG Prof. Walter Woon leads RHT Training Institute course to prepare candidates for Part A of the Singapore Bar Examination

Singapore, 30 June 2021 – A new 8-week preparatory course for Part A of the Singapore Bar Examination will be offered by RHT Training Institute from 2 August 2021. The course is designed to familiarise graduates of Overseas Scheduled Universities with Singapore law so that they can not only confidently sit for the examination, but also subsequently practise in Singapore. This is the first time that a course of such duration and intensity is being offered for Part A of the Bar Exam. It is the only course that looks beyond the exams to giving candidates the edge for practice. 

“RHT Training Institute fills a gap for candidates in Part A of the Singapore Bar Exam as there is no other course of similar coverage available for graduates of foreign universities,” said Prof. Walter Woon, S.C. the Dean of the RHT Training Institute. 

“Law is a profession and not a business. Professionals train professionals. We want to ensure that the next generation of lawyers are up to the mark. The best way for young lawyers to learn is from people who have seen how the law works in practice and are willing to share that experience.” 

Prof. Woon was previously Chairman of the Board of Legal Education and later the founding Dean of the Singapore Institute of Legal Education, in which roles he was responsible for overseeing the Singapore Bar Exam; in particular, Prof. Woon set the syllabus and examination for Company Law, and personally marked all Company Law papers during his tenure to ensure consistency in grading. 

RHT Training Institute’s eight-week Part A Singapore Bar Course will commence on 2 August 2021 with one three-hour session per day held online from 5pm Singapore time, enabling candidates to attend after work or even while abroad. Each session will cover one of the five prescribed subjects: Company Law, Criminal Law, Land Law, Evidence Law, and Singapore Legal System. 

Prof. Woon will teach Company Law and Criminal Law. He currently teaches the same subjects as David Marshall Professor at the National University of Singapore’s Faculty of Law. Prof. Woon is the editor of Woon’s Corporations Law and author of Walter Woon on Company Law which have been cited multiple times by the courts in Singapore and Malaysia. Concurrently with his appointment as Attorney- General, Prof. Woon also served as the Public Prosecutor, responsible for the conduct of all prosecutions in Singapore. 

Mr Rajan Menon, founding partner of regional law firm RHTLaw Asia LLP and former Senior Deputy Registrar of Land Titles and Deeds, will co-teach Land Law with Ms Sandra Han, partner and deputy head of real estate practice at RHTLaw Asia. Mr Menon said, “We are committed to training the next generation of legal professionals and raising the standard of the bar. In RHT Training Institute’s courses candidates will be taught not only the principles of the law but also how the law applies in practice, giving them an edge for the job.” 

Civil litigator and academic, Dr Tan Lay Hong, will teach the Singapore Legal System while former Deputy Public Prosecutor and Singapore University of Social Sciences law lecturer, Mr Alexander Woon, will teach Evidence Law. 

About RHT Training Institute 

RHT Training Institute is a provider of legal and related courses for individuals who are pursuing legal and allied careers or who are interested in the practical applications of the law in their respective fields. RHT Training Institute will offer courses taught by seasoned legal practitioners with extensive practical knowledge and real-world experience. 

RHT Training Institute is part of the RHT legal and professional services network. 

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