Financial Crime, Compliance and Investigations

Crime and fraud put you and your business at risk.
Our Financial Crime, Compliance and Investigations (FCCI) Team can help prevent such situations from happening through constant monitoring, early detection and a rapid respond system. These steps can form a protection to your reputation and minimise losses.



Wrongdoing can happen in any organisation. We will help you develop and implement a robust risk-focused compliance program to assess risks in areas such as market abuse, fraud money laundering, sanctions and corruption.


Taking immediate action when a problem arises may put you in a position to limit the extent of damage. We can quickly mobilise a multi-disciplinary, international team. We handle investigations and dealings with enforcement agencies around the globe, putting people on the ground whenever you need them.



Once a situation has blown up, the important thing is to find ways to minimise its impact. We deal with regulatory actions and defend prosecutions where they prove unavoidable. We advise on remedial plans and dealings with implicated employees and can help you to minimise reputational damage. We can help you deal with any solvency implications of your businesses and bring recovery actions against third parties. We are used to dealing with a diverse range of regulators and enforcement agencies across the world.


Our Services


Governance, Risk and Compliance Solutions

Our team can advise you on all aspects of setting up a robust and risk-focused compliance program. Getting an external and independent consultant expert to manage your compliance efforts can keep your organisation safe. We support you with independent risk assessments, policies and procedures, systems and controls audits, books and record reviews, training and providing outsourced compliance.


Money Laundering & Proceeds of Crime

The anti-money laundering regime can be tedious for businesses and individuals. Our experienced team can help you navigate the regime and remain compliant.



Sanctions are imposed at an international and national level to apply economic and political pressure. Sanctions legislation is complex and multi-layered. They come in many forms: financial sanctions, asset freezes, investment bans, trade controls, arms embargoes, and travel bans. Through a network of international offices, our sanctions team offers practical and commercially-focused advice to businesses and individuals.


Anti-Bribery & Corruption

A conviction under Singapore’s Prevention of Corruption Act can result in up to 7 years imprisonment, unlimited fines and debarment from public contracts. Cross border corruption is also an area that requires attention, with potential overlaps involving the US FCPA and the UK Bribery Act. Our anti-corruption lawyers have international expertise and are specialists in advising businesses on how to comply with their obligations. We want to prevent your company and employees from exposure to corruption.


Cyber Security & Data Breaches

Failing to protect data, whether it be your personal information or those of your customers, can spell disaster for any business. We have specialists in cyber security who understand the nature of cyber threats and the risks they pose to your business.


Crisis & Reputation Management

We pride ourselves in helping organisations and individuals harness the power of opinion by using mainstream and digital media.
We help organisations increase digital capabilities to better connect and engage with the new savvy consumer.


Corporate & Regulatory Investigations

In the post-financial crisis world, investigations of actual or potential wrongdoing are becoming a common feature of corporate life.
The issues our FCCI Team will address include rogue traders in financial institutions, market abuse (insider trading and market rigging), allegations of corruption influencing the award of contracts, data theft, and a huge variety of regulatory non-compliance matters. For prevention, we can advise on creating an effective investigations policy for your business.
To aid detection, we help you to plan effective but discreet investigations.
To enable you to respond, we will give you clear conclusions and recommendations for action.


Fraud & Asset Tracing

Our FCCI Team has extensive international experience in representing corporates who have suffered large scale and complex fraud.
Success also requires working closely with other professionals. We have considerable experience working with many different regulators and coordinating the activities of professionals in and outside Singapore, acting as a single point of contact for our client.
We can help you protect yourself by assessing your risk of becoming the victim of fraud and advising you on how to minimise that risk and protect your business.


Defending Prosecutions & Regulatory Enforcement Actions

Sometimes, when corporate wrongdoing occurs, it is impossible to avoid action by a prosecutor or regulator. If your business is international, there’s often the added challenge of dealing with multiple authorities across borders.
We can advise on the strategy for defense and settlement regimes and/or deferred prosecution agreements. We also manage the requirements and expectations of different agencies in different countries. We will represent you in court, whether criminal or civil proceedings are brought. Finally, we can assist you with a strategy to minimise reputational damage.